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Backflow Services

Body Plumbing’s backflow prevention services provide a professional and knowledgeable service in the installation, repair, and certification of your backflow device. We install, repair, and certify backflow devices that range in sizes from ¼ of an inch through 10 inch. Upon certification, we will provide the paper work and will file your test report with your local ordinance to keep you in compliance with state and local requirements. Whether you are a residential, commercial, or industrial building, Body Plumbing can provide the services you need to protect your water supply from backflow. We also keep records of when your backflow device was last certified, and will contact you one month prior to your annual certification to keep you in compliance with state and local requirements.

Protecting the publics drink water is our # 1 concern.

Services We Provide:

  • Testing of Backflow Devices
  • Installation of a Backflow Device
  • Repairing of a Backflow Device
  • Backflow Device Rentals
  • Record Keeping of your Backflow Device


    Some common places you can find Backflow devices are:

    • Irrigation system
    • Water main service
    • Fire system
    • Dental equipment
    • Boilers
    • Medical units
    • Pool equipment
    • Car washes