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Backflow FAQ

What is a Backflow Preventer Assembly?

A Backflow Preventer Assembly is an approved device, which uses check valves within the device to prevent contamination of the water system, and prevents water from reversing the direction it flows in.

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When do I need to have my backflow assemblies tested?

The Illinois Department of Public Health and local ordinances require that each backflow prevention assembly be tested and certified upon installation. It is mandatory to be tested and certified annually, thereafter by a licensed cross-connection control device inspector. Backflow prevention devices are commonly found on fire sprinkler systems, domestic water supplies, irrigation systems, dental equipment, boiler systems, and more.

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Unapproved device for lawn irrigation

Who can certify your Backflow Prevention Devices?

Body Plumbing is a fully licensed plumbing contractor, who is a licensed cross-connection control device inspector (CCCDI), we can provide the services you need to certify, and install your backflow preventer device and make repairs on back flow devices

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